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Digital technology will enhance the business performance. Our digital transformation technology consulting practices provide the right mix of digital and industry experience to help our clients to create exceptional experiences using automation, analytics, and AI thru ASR & TTS. Let our digital transformation technology with you to solve problems at speed and at scale it.


  • BPM
  • Smart CRM
  • Telephonic Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing
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Discover hidden insights from your raw data

We at live digital provide you with best business intelligence report, which not only help you grow your business but will also help you keep track of all the agents and will help in reaching SLA.

This is data friendly report, combines the latest database technology with an efficient Business Analytics.

It offers you
  • Get and blend data from multiple sources- Transform huge       amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards,       track complete business, keep track of your data
  • Visually analyze your data- Create reports and dashboards
  • Intelligent Assistance-Ask query from our “robo”
  • Report Publishing- Share/publish your reports with your       colleagues. Rank according to performance and
  • Collaborate – Have conversation with agents on same       platforms, discuss and make groups.
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Live Digital-AI powered CRM
Live Digital-The best CRM for every business/makes your life more-happier

It’s AI embedded CRM, where you can track, prioritize and solve customer concern with ultimate ease.

Handle all sizes of customer and help you take your business with you everywhere on mobile.

Time to let CRM do the work for you, with ability to
  • Makes Sale fun
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Resolution in less than 24hours
  • Organizes your contact info and manages your relationships        with current and prospective customers/clients
  • Integration with app like Gmail, call record, accounting, SMS, etc.
  • Highly secure environment for your customer data.
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As we know, customer relationship management(CRM) is important to every firm as they seek to make profit through long-term relationships with customers We are offering our 360* services to every vertical of industries.